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How it works

1. Purchase 'Plot' NFT from OpenSea

2. Send your content via Twitter or Discord

3. Your content is published with a link of your choice

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Frequently asked questions

As long as your content follows the rules listed below (there isn’t many) the possibilities are endless, you could upload anything from a meme, your favorite alt coin or project, crypto donation address and much, much more. Even if you don’t plan on using your plot just yet, why not have a little fun and upload something temporarily

We are very exciting to see what you all publish…

Due to the limited number of ‘Plots’ and the way we have designed the platform, the operating costs for this project are surprisingly low, between the initial sale of ‘Plots’ and possible royalties earned from secondary sales, we foresee no issues at all in keeping the platform going for many years to come if not indefinitely 

Raising awareness for a project like this is vital to ensure its success, we are currently working on many ideas and strategies to implant

During the initial sale of ‘Plots’ we are concurrently hosting community ‘Giveaways’ on various social channels such as Twitter, this is a very effective way to increase awareness of the project and many brings new users onboard

We will be sharing more ideas and plans we the community over the coming days and weeks, so stayed tuned to find out more

Of course as the platform fills up and the number of available plots further decreases the more attractive the platform will naturally become to potential advertisers and influencers


The 100 plots will be published in batches of 15. When minted these batches will be listed for sale on OpenSea, and the next batch will not be minted until the previous batch has completely sold out

Just like any other NFT (non-fungible token) you are free to list the Plot on compatible marketplaces such as OpenSea at any time 

Remember in order to sell your ‘Plot’ there must be a buyer willing to purchase it, therefore there is no guarantee you will be able to sell your ‘Plot’ in the future. The potential for this will untimely come down to the popularity of the project 

If after a certain time you have not submitted any content, we reserve the right to temporarily publish content until you get in touch and request some content to be published. The reason we do this is in order to keep both the Plots and the platform from becoming stagnant. 

We will never use these Plots for self promotion, and will only ever publish content that has good intentions, for example a crypto related charitable cause

If you see that this is the case with your plot, simply contact us and we will update with your requested content ASAP

Depending on how many, and how fast the Plots sell, we are exploring the possibility of purchasing a piece of virtual land within a Metaverse project with the intention to use the location as additional advertising space

If this turns out to be the case it will either be used to advertise ‘Plot’ owners content directly or for ‘NFT Ads’ in general to drive more traffic and awareness to the platform, thus further benefiting the ‘Plot’ owners 

Please keep in mind that this is just an idea at this stage and there is no guarantee this is the direction the project will take

To reward early adopters of the project we are offering buyers of the first 30 Plots, a simple static web page hosted by us. This can be used to host additional content of your choice

There is a size restriction on the amount of content you are able to host on this page and all content must follow the  rules set out above

To see an example please click here

Content Rules

Maximum file size 5Mb

Content should be JPEG, PNG, or GIF & Square ratio (1:1)

Content hosted at our discretion

No illegal, offensive or 18+/NSFW content

To purchase please visit OpenSea

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